Humans are a dominant, mammalian species of Planet Earth and are spread across all seven continents of the planet. Humans are bipedal with opposable thumbs, giving them an advantage over other animals. A shortened word for human is "Hume", a name given to the staff members at Sonic the Comic. Similarly, Boomers are the humans that read the comic (although a dog has also been said to read it).

Non-Sonic comics

Humans are the main characters of almost all Sega Superstars comics, primarily starring as the heroes:

The only series not to include humans are Ecco the Dolphin, Sparkster and Ristar.


In the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog, there were very few humans in the early days. It was revealed in Sonic the Comic Online that Doctor Kintobor was doing some shopping on Earth until he took a wrong turn and ended up in the Emerald Hill Zone. Thus, Kintobor became the first human on Mobius. In turn, Doctor Robotnik became the only human left on Mobius.

During their adventures through time and space, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary made contact with other humans for the first time, but did not enjoy the experience. Professor Cratermass was their first encounter and talked slow, believing the aliens would not understand him otherwise. He then was required to help the girls fight Colonel Granite, leader of Operation Starwatch, and help them return to Mobius. Granite would show up again in 1860s Kansas, bringing his own robots to a primitive time in order to take control. As part of their duties, Amy and Tekno ended those hopes but inadvertantly gave Granite the co-ordinates to Mobius. Granite's final act was to invade Mobius and attempt to rename it "Planet Percy". To stop him, Sonic visited Earth and had talks with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who pointed him to Granite's Scotland base. The combined powers of Sonic and Nature itself sent Granite's men back to Earth, where they were arrested by the Military Police.

Continuing their travels through the Eternity Ring, Amy and Tekno also met other humans such as Butch, the Sheriff, Hercules, (possibly) Xenor Krell and gangster images dreamt up by Max Gamble.

Other humans have appeared on Mobius, although perhaps by mistake. Thomas & Miller were lackeys of Robotnik who heavily resembled humans, while The Chiller held the Pleasant Zone in his icy grasp. Elsewhere, soldiers who looked like humans fought the monster Medusa on Shanazar.

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