Invasion of the Veg Heads is a 2-part Sonic's World story, begin

Sonic can scarcely contain his lack of interest. Art by Andy Pritchett.

ning in Issue 101.



Farmer Nige is tending to his crops in the Plowright Zone, a small area on the edge of the Chemical Plant Zone. The bull is obviously happy - his vegetables have grown larger than he's ever seen. As he ponders winning a prize for the size of his onions at harvest, said onions ominously quiver underground...

That night, young lambs hear a disturbance in the town. Getting out of bed to see what's happening, something, or someone, terrifies them. Next day, a meeting is called where the mother of the lambs informs everyone what they've seen. The reaction of the villagers is decided, but any fights are swiftly ceased by Harry Mole, special agent for the Outer Ordinary Event Research (O.O.E.R.). Mole heads to see Farmer Nige, who confesses that some of his giant veg got stolen in the night. Mole is disbeliving but Nige angrily says that they couldn't have just walked away. Unfortunately, it seems they have as several grinning vegetables begin running towards them. The pair try to run away but Mole's stubby legs are too short to get him away. Fortunately, Sonic the Hedgehog is in the area and knocks out the enemies. Sonic is keen to leave, but Mole wants Sonic to stay and help solve the mystery. It looks like Harry might get his wish, as roots sprout from the ground and ensnare Sonic. Soon after, Sonic, Harry and Nige come face to face with King Edward, self-appointed ruler of the Veg-Heads.

Indignant, Sonic easily breaks free from the vines before saving the other two as well. Nige is furious at the vegetables for humiliating him and charges at them, sending them flying. Sonic and Harry run off to the neighbouring Chemical Plant Zone to solve the mystery. Sure enough, even though the Zone was abandoned after the disappearance of Robotnik, one pipe is leaking toxic waste into the river, most likely mutating Nige's crops. Sonic leaves Harry to shut off the spillage while Sonic goes back to rescue Nige, who should have caught them up by now. Nige has been captured by his turnips, so Sonic spins the vegetables into a 'mixed salad' before demanding the whereabouts of King Edward. The villagers have formed a mob and have captured him, planning on cooking all of the rogue veg. Sonic is dismayed, since the vegetables show signs of intelligent life. The onions claim that they only followed Edward's orders and didn't really mean harm. Believing his own veg, Nige grants them a portion of his land as long as they live in peace. With Edward reluctantly agreeing, Sonic and Harry go their separate ways, another case closed.


  • You can see the Veg-Heads' eyes in the very first panel, closed just above the ground.
  • The food call themselves the Veg-Heads, although the title of the story mentions Veg Heads.
  • Harry Mole says that "the truth is out there", an obvious elusion to The X-Files.


The previous Sonic's World story was Part 4 of The Final Victory. The next is Crawling From the Wreckage.

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