Not to be confused with Astratraz

Islecatraz is a prison island located within the game of Wildside. Supposedly created by the enigmatic Voice, the prison was once supervised by Brad, one of the children captured in the first place. There seemed to be no real purpose for Islecatraz, only that the children who entered Wildside were held here by killer robots. Casey washed up on the shores near Islecatraz after plummeting off a cliff as Juggernaut. Groggy, the hero was found by Brad and locked in a transport wagon, ready to be taken to Islecatraz. It didn't prove much of a cell as Casey was able to turn into Maniaxe and freed all the prisoners. He would later turn into Cyclone to free the rest of them and completely destroy the prison.

The island has at least two teleporter devices, one located in the ruins of Brad's office. Cyclone's wild storm and Maniaxe's destructive behaviour ensured that it only worked partially. The machine only had the power to transport one more person and so, showing remorse for the person he had become, Brad pushed Casey onto the teleporter. However, The Voice transported Brad somewhere else and Casey was made to stay in the derelict Iselcatraz, ready for the final level.


  • Islecatraz is a play on real island prison "Alcatraz".


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