Issue 116 is the one hundred and sixteenth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 29th of October 1997 at the price of £1.25, the comic contains four all-new stories and several features, as well as a competition to meet Sonic the Hedgehog at Hamley's toy store. Despite this comic coming out well into November, it was marketed as a Hallowe'en issue.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Best of Enemies is a 3-part Sonic story, starting in this issue. Written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Richard Elson and lettered by Tom Frame, the action follows the Drakon Empire as they attempt to get hold of the Chaos Emeralds. Led by Emperor Ko-Dorr, the Drakons are on Mobius to uphold the other half of the bargain they made with Doctor Robotnik. In the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic and Tails are blissfully unaware of this intrusion, fighting off another Badnik raid. Towards the end, Sonic gets a cold shiver which suggests to him that something bad is going to happen. But what could go wrong? Robotnik is finally gone and it's time to enjoy life...

Super Sonic

Hunter & the Hunted is a 3-part Super Sonic story, provided by Kitching, art by Nigel Dobbyn and lettered by Frame. In a coffee shop known as The Groovy Train, located in the Metropolis Zone, an amnesiac Super Sonic has come looking for a job. The owner, Ebony is keen to look after him but her friend, Pyjamas has visions of an evil of immense power and isn't so sure. Meanwhile, Lord Sidewinder has sent Bio-Hazard to Mobius in order to find Super and bring him back to the Special Zone. Beamed into the hedgehog's rough location, it isn't long before the dumb robot finds the coffee bar and tears it up, looking for his target.

Decap Attack

Return of the Pumpkins is a complete story, marking the return of 'der Pumpelkins'. Drawn and written by Kitching, co-written by Richard Rayner and lettered by Elitta Fell, the story begins with the Castle Frank N. Stein crew sitting in front of the television. It doesn't take long to realise they are being watched by the sarcastic pumpkins that had previously infested their home. Having broke out of prison, they've returned home, promptly followed by Kevin of the Transylvanian Pest Control. Kev reveals that fruit is the natural enemy of the vegetable and paints Head to look like an apple. The fruit lures the pumpkins to the rest of the team, dressed as a giant fruit salad. The pumpkins jump over the edge of the castle and back on their way to prison.

Amy & Tekno

Spooked is a complete story starring Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary. With writing from Lew Stringer, art from Andy Pritchett and John M Burns and lettering by Ellie de Ville, Amy and Tekno investigate the Old Hill Zone, where there have been reports of a haunted house. The locals are hysterical, defending themselves from the ghostly threat without even seeing anything. The heroes enter the house as unbelievers, still having to dodge falling masonry and putting up with the "ghost's" howls, until they find the culprit - Fabian Vane is rehearsing for his comeback! The dodgy singer has weakened the foundations with this croaking and the three just manage to escape as the house falls on Vane's demo tapes. Never mind!


This issue's Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, covers the four new stories hitting this issue, as well as the competition to meet Sonic in a famous London toy shop. As well as that, there is news on the Regent Street Christmas lights switch-on was revealed, with Sonic helping out.

In keeping with this issue's Hallowe'en theme, this issue's Graphic Zone is entitled Spellbound Zone, with Sonic, Tails and Amy dressed up in various spooky outfits - witches, zombies and bats are to be found. Printed pictures received a Sonic the Hedgehog watch. Speedlines has the usual mix of pictures and letters this issue, with a poem about Tails, a request for more cliff-hangers and a note about an accompanying picture - a photo of Super Sonic, Arthur and Madge! The other photo saw Sonic posing with Casper the Friendly Ghost. All Boomers that got their letters into the comic received an Enamel Badge.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 115. The next is Issue 117.

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