Issue 145 is the one hundred and fourty-fifth edition of Sonic the Comic, the UK's official SEGA comic. Released on the 16th December 1998, at the price of £1.25, the comic contained three original stories, one reprint, several features and a Sonic the Hedgehog pin-up.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Child's Play is a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog. Written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Richard Elson and lettered by Ellie de Ville, the story sees Sonic respond to an emergency in the Emerald Hill Zone. A group of kids have built a Badnik so that Sonic can show them his super speed, but things go wrong when the robot goes out of control and explodes.

Amy Rose

Dream On is a complete story as part of Amy and Tekno the Canary's trip through the Ring of Eternity. Written by Lew Stringer, drawn by Carl Flint (although credited to Bob Corona, coloured by John M Burns and lettered by Tom Frame, Amy and Tekno arrive in one man's nightmare. Dreaming of a horrid Christmas where snowmen are attacking and he can't get any presents, Amy convinces him that his family will be happy if he's happy.


Captain Christmas is a complete story starring Tails and the nefarious Captain Christmas. The story by Stringer, Corona and Elitta Fell sees Captain Christmas beat up the criminal Baa Humbug. The citizens are grateful and give Christmas all their presents, yet Tails discovers that Christmas is really an ex-Doctor Robotnik employee.


The theme of this week's Graphic Zone is Crimbo Zone, with many Sonic characters enjoying Christmas. Even Megadroid returns to celebrate with Sonic and Knuckles! Publishes pictures won their owners a Sonic the Hedgehog watch.



  • Many of the credits in this issue are wrong. The Amy story is attributed to the art of Corona, while Kitching is credited as writing the Tails one-shot, with art from Nigel Dobbyn. Although Corona is eventually credited somewhere, Flint receives no credit for his work.


The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 144. The next is Issue 146.

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