Issue 164 is the one-hundred and sixty-fourth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on 8th September 1999 at the price of £1.30, the comic contains one new, original story and three reprints, as well as other features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Worlds Collide is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story, written by Lew Stringer, drawn by Richard Elson and lettered by Ellie de Ville.

In Shanazar, as Doctor Robotnik presents Princess Kupacious with a lovely new necklace, Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose are still lost, this time fighting off the Mummy Boys of the Pyramid of Aggro. During the battle, Sonic is hit hard in the head and remembers how he got here - the Transportation Belt! Guessing that a wizard must have cast a spell on him to cause him to forget all about it, the hedgehogs speed back to Kupacious' palace. There, they learn that Robotnik plans to merge this world with Mobius, where he will rule everything. Kupacious isn't too happy, but her new necklace turns her into a frog, leaving Robotnik to do what he wants.


This week's Graphic Zone is Beach Life, showing Sonic and friends relaxing on the beach and at sea. Winners of published pictures received a Sonic the Hedgehog watch.



The previous issue was Issue 163. The next is Issue 165.

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