Issue 227 is the two hundred and twenty-seventh edition of Sonic the Comic and the fourth issue of Sonic the Comic Online. The comic contains two original stories, several features and a free gift of a scary Megadroid mask. The theme of the issue, released on the 26th of October 2003, is a Hallowe'en one.



Sonic the Hedgehog

R.B.R is a complete story written by Ed Reynolds, drawn by Rich Morgan and lettered by Michael Stewart, with special thanks to Richard Elson. The story is set in the Hill Top Zone, where the village has returned to the ways of RBR thanks to the meddling of Agiatha Witchbrew and her granddaughter, Violet. With the elderly witch missing and a town besieged by all of Doctor Robotnik's greatest creations, Sonic and Tails have to work fast to put things right.

Amy Rose

Impressions is a 2-part Amy story, co-starring "Johnny Lightfoot". The story, by Mike Corker with lettering from Kerrie Mock, sees Amy fight the reanimated corpse of Johnny. The creature follows Amy back to the Control Centre, only for the hedgehog to realise that "Johnny" is simply a monster that feeds off her fear.


The Control Zone is given a revamp for Hallowe'en, with Megadroid rebranded as "MD EVIL". There's news of this issue's stories, the free gift and a new comic strip, Magpie created by former STC staff Nigel Dobbyn and Nigel Kitching. There is also a link to Manuwahi by Dobbyn and Roberto Corona.

The Data Zone gives a rundown on this issue's important characters (as well as others that have absolutely no bearing on this issue's stories, such as Porker Lewis and Knuckles the Echidna, the latter still not featuring in an STC-O story). The "story so far" is that "for years, the evil Doctor Robotnik rules Planet Mobius. With his Troopers and robot slaves, he terrorised the population. Eventually, Sonic and the gang defeated Robotnik and freed the planet.

Speedlines returned with many more letters, including praise and memories from Nigel Dobbyn. The pin-up was of Johnny, adapted from the front cover by Mike Corker.

Finally, every page that usually features the "Starring..." logo is replaced with a Sonic "skull and crossbones", stating that the comic was "formally starring Sonic the Hedgehog". Behind the links to stories and features are gravestones adorned with "S T C RIP".



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 226. The next is Issue 228.

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