Issue 252 is the two hundred and fifty-second edition of Sonic the Comic and the
twenty-ninth full edition of Sonic the Comic Online. Released on the 16th of July 2010 at, the issue contained four stories and several features. This particular issue was branded as "Robotnik the Comic", after Doctor Robotnik's in-story takeover of Mobius in Issue 250. Several of the features were presented by him and flashing images of the Doctor appeared throughout the site, resembling a hacking attack.




Sonic the Hedgehog

Ebony & Ivory is a multi-part Sonic the Hedgehog story written and lettered by Mike Corker, with art from Team Mobius. The story sees the return of Ebony, running away from The Order of Magick, an organisation seemingly trying to limit the witch's free will. Sonic agrees to help her and protect her from her pursuers, but he struggles to get to grips with their magical powers. They are finally captured by someone with more than a passing resemblance to Ebony - newcomer Blaze the Cat!


Visa Vixen is a two-part Tails story, written by Jamie J, drawn by Philip Chapman and lettered by Charles Ellis. Tails has brought his friends from the Nameless Zone to Mobius for the first time to see what a "real war" is like. In the time they spend there, Morain, Pippa and Trent see massive Badnik attacks, train with Amy Rose and witness how much of a hero Tails is seen as to the people (particularly Norris Wimple). Tails worries that talking about the Nameless Zone might turn Robotnik's attentions to it, one sentiment possibly shared by the Kintobor Computer before he is interrupted. As the foxes return home, they pledge to come back and fight alongside Tails.


Rage Inside the Machine is a two-part Chaotix Crew story. The story was scripted by Jamie J, B&W art and colouring by Adamis, digital colouring by Fast Ashadonic and lettering by Jin Chan Yum Wai. Espio the Chameleon discovers that his attacker is actually just a digital copy of the deceased Shadow the Hedgehog, created to rid The Internet of evil, particularly Robotnik's influence on the domain. After an equal fight, Espio asks if Shadow will help them clear the area of danger, but Shadow's doing just fine on his own. Also, Vector the Crocodile drank the Omni-Viewer.

Sonic's World

Death, Taxes, and Leaky Sandbags is a complete story starring Dunzi and Rouge the Bat, with a creative team of Robert Frazer (story), Kevin M (art) and Charles Ellis (letters). The Hill Top Zone elite have been tracking Rouge's activities since her last escapade in their own Zone and now Dunzi has located her at the Starlight Zone. Determined to snatch her and bring her back to be questioned, the elephant sends in his finest men to get the job done. However, the Starlight Zone forces have the same idea and a confrontation in front of Rouge leads to her escaping and the two teams fighting.


Control Zone

This issue, Megadroid's welcome message has been replaced by one from Doctor Robotnik, after he hacked the website. The 'Breaking News' ticker has also been altered to cover stories of his successes.

Data Zone

Similar to the Control Zone, Robotnik has taken over this issue's Data Zone and uses the opportunity to insult the characters, except for Rouge the Bat, whom he considers an ally.

Encyclopedia Badnika

Norris Wimple continues to reveal his knowledge of Badniks, this time revealing the crafty robots from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 video games.


Wallpapers this issue included the cover by Marcus Stockley, another take on the Chaotix story by Stephen 'Spydaman' Davies, a picture of Sonic living rough by Saku of Team Mobius and a picture of Rouge by Adamis.


The letters section returns, with letters answered by Robotnik. Megadroid makes a triumphant return at the end.

Message Zone reaction

Reaction was largely positive, with praise for the artwork throughout the issue particularly effusive. The most negatively taken story was the Sonic's World adventure, which was seen as confusing and the art of Rough seemed off. Little was said about the introduction of Blaze, despite her appearance in the comic being requested for many years.


The previous issue was Issue 251. The next issue was Issue 253.

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