Issue 31 is the thirty-first edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 23rd July 1994 at the price of £1.10, it contains four original stories and several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Pretender is a complete story, the second by Lew Stringer, with art from Mike Hadley and lettering from Ellie de Ville. Metamorphia returns to cause trouble in the guise of Cosmic, who challenges Sonic to a race to the Emerald Hill Zone. It's all a trick to get Sonic away from his friends, who come under attack from a batch of Moto Bugs.

Mutant League

Bring Me The Head of Coach Brikka is a 6-part story written by Steve White and Brian Williamson, with art from Anthony Williams and the two writers, which was lettered by Tom Frame. Zalgor Prigg, evil genius and M.F.L chairman, has hired K.T. Slayer to kidnap the head of Coach Brikka, manager of the Midway Monsters. With the Super Bowel XXIV underway, Slayer gets some help from the Dukes of Biohazard and some hired mercenaries to get the job done.


The Morbidden Hunt is a 4-part Tails story in the Nameless Zone. Written by Mark Eyles, artwork from Casanovas and John M Burns and lettering from Elitta Fell, the story continues with Tails and fox cubs Jimmy and Jilly cornered by Queen Vulpecula. The goblin gives the foxes one more chance, but they run into the evil Prince Catalus. They finally escape with the help of a flying goblin ship.

Pirate S.T.C.

Pirate S.T.C. is an abstract 6-part story by Stephen Bliss, with lettering from Steve Potter. Fezhead isn't having much fun; he manages to make Bob and Grrr defeat Granee 8 Ball, but are eventually foiled by Kamikaze Whippysnappers. On the other side, Sackhead and Flame manage to somehow overcome Vangar the Spatula Constructor. Dog the Chicken manages to make it to Sackhead and Flame's level to warn them that their friends have been captured...


This issue's Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, introduces Boomers to this issue's stories as well as teasing stories in the Sonic's World and Decap Attack series. There's also news on the the Sega/Capital Radio Roadshows, where celebrities posed with Sonic, Tails, Game Gears and Virtua Racing. Below that are dates for the Sega Bus. The Sega Charts are largely different this week, with FIFA International Soccer and Jungle Book moving to the top of the Mega Drive and Game Gear charts, respectively. Meanwhile, Jungle Book stays top of the Master System list and Mortal Kombat returns to the Mega-CD chart in first place.

David Gibbon mans the Review Zone this week. Popular Sensible Soccer CD received 93% and Pete Sampras Tennis got 91%, mainly for the multiplayer aspect. Also, there's a review of Mutant League Hockey, the sequel to the Mutant League Football game (which is adapted as a story this issue) which gained 86%.

Sport continues in the News Zone, with the battle between Pete Sampras Tennis and Sports Tennis (despite the picture of the former game being labelled "Tennis All-Stars". There's also news that a Welsh company, AB Electonics, are to make the millionth Sega cartridge, and BC Racers is also featured. Short Bursts has news on cartoon games (Taz in Escape From Mars, Daffy Duck and Road Runner), World Championship Soccer II, Shining Force for the Game Gear, the delayed Sonic Spinball and Ecco the Dolphin games for Master System and the new Mighty Morphing Power Rangers game.

After a full page detailing the Capital Radio Roadshows, the Q Zone, presented by Gibbon, gives cheats on many games such as Aztec Adventure (MS), Castlevania, Batman Returns, James Pond 3, Ecco the Dolphin(all MCD) and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (MD). The Game Genie update also covers Alien 3 and Bubsy.

Finally, Speedlines sees Megadroid (sometimes quite confrontationally) answering questions on the Review Zone, Amy Rose, STC binders and Knuckles the Echidna (wrongly saying he'll debut in Issue 32.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 30. The next is Issue 32.

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