Issue 60 is the sixtieth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 2nd of September 1995 at the price of £1.20, the issue contains four original stories, one of them new, as well as several features, an Espio the Chameleon pin-up and a free gift of a Game Card Starter Pack.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Brotherhood of Metallix is a 4-part story by Nigel Kitching, Richard Elson and Ellie de Ville. Sonic has been captured by Mr. Blobnik and taken to Citadel Robotnik, but Doctor Robotnik puts revenge to one side, requiring the hedgehog to rescue Grimer from the Special Zone. Sonic speeds to the Egg Fortress for a showdown with the Emperor Metallix but isn't able to stop the transport of the Alpha Device to the Miracle Planet.

Ecco the Dolphin

Return of Ecco the Dolphin is a 6-part Ecco story written by Alan McKenzie, with art by Steve White and lettering by Elitta Fell. After a quick recap of the previous story, Ecco sets off to retrive the Black Pearl and save his family. A strong current proves to be an obstacle but a well-placed boulder helps Ecco reach new depths. Unfortunately, the now-located pearl seems to be surrounded by new life-forms, particularly protected by a luminous squid.

Knuckles and Tails

The Revenge of Trogg is a 6-part story set in the Nameless Zone, with writing and art from Kitching, as well as lettering from Fell. Knuckles and Tails are now face-to-face with the monstrous Errol Blackthorn, forced to become evil by Trogg. Shaman Warpull leaves Tails to fight the beast but Knuckles jumps in, knocking Errol out cold. Later, the two heroes begin their journey to the Land Beyond, but Tails isn't so sure it's such a good idea...

Sonic's World

The Seven Badniks is a 2-part story with B.A.R.F. in the starring role. Scripted by Mark Eyles with art from Mike Hadley and John M Burns and lettering by Tom Frame, the story sees Cam and Bert leap into the Palmtree Panic Zone to begin collecting Badnik replacements. The Miracle Planet forces are initially reluctant to go, but an Anton crushed by the Number One Hammer makes them see differently. B.A.R.F. returns to the Green Hill Zone but the advanced Badniks soon resent their new neighbours and begin a war that see them victorious.


The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, welcomes Boomers to the issue's stories and features while reminding everyone that they've just gone back to school. The issue's free gift is also given an explanation. The Sega Charts see two non movers (Brian Lara Cricket for the Mega Drive and Micro Machines for the Game Gear) while Lethal Enforcers and Batman Returns move to the top of the Mega-CD and Master System lists, respectively.

Comix Zone is the sole title reviewed by Nick Protz in this issue's Review Zone. Protz gave the game 91%, praising "Roadkill the Rat" but wished the game was longer. Megadroid also has his opinions, glad that there are no "intrusive artist hands" on STC's strips. Q Zone continues to be taken over by FIFA '95, with Part 3 providing different scoring methods and cheats. The Graphic Zone also "celebrates" going back to school, with all education-related pictures earning the artists a pack of Crayola Overwriters.

Speedlines contains a reader who wishes blank games cartridges could be released so that people can copy original games onto them for free. Megadroid wonders how he'll be able to do that from jail. Another fan was disappointed that the Sonic Holiday Special contained strips from old Sonic the Poster Mag issues, and another would dearly love a Sonic & Knuckles denim jacket, but they're sold out. Winning letters and pictures won readers a Highgrove Sonic Stationary set.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 59. The next is Issue 61.

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