Issue 91 is the ninety-first edition of Sonic the Comic, the UK's official SEGA comic. Released on the 13th of November 1996, at the price of £1.20, it contained four original stories, a Buzz Bomber pin-up and several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Hive is a 2-part Sonic story, also featuring Charmy Bee. The story is written by Nigel Kitching, art shared by Roberto Corona and John M Burns, with lettering by Tom Frame. In the dead of night, Sonic can't sleep, but manages to see Charmy being carried away by two other bees. Sonic reluctantly comes along at Charmy's request. At The Hive, Sonic is amazed to see the bees making gold. He's more shocked to find out that the Queen Bee is Charmy's mother. Before Charmy can be forced into his royal responsibilties, the Hive comes under attack from the evil wasps, led by Vesper.

Captain Plunder

Shanghaied is a 3-part Plunder adventure, guest-starring the "murderous" Mr Fry. The story was brought together by Kitching, Richard Elson and Elitta Fell. Captain Plunder and his crew have somehow got themselves a Star Post and are terrorising New Tek City with it. His henchmen only manage to kidnap one new crew member, a measly Proctor Speckle. Later, after a healthy breakfast, Simpson the Cat finds that Speckle has eaten all of Plunder's chocolate and is made to walk the plank. Unfortunately for the pirates, Mr Fry doesn't seem so forgiving...

Decap Attack

The Legend of Mr Cuddle Bunny is a 3-part Decap Attack story, with script by Kitching and Richard Rayner, art by Kitching and lettering by Ellie de Ville. Castle Frank N Stein receives an unwanted visitor in Mick C McTosis, who is after the hat of Mr Cuddle Bunny. Professor Frank N. Stein is distraught, since Bunny was his favourite writer and nobody has seen him since he visited the castle as a guest ten years ago. Chuck D Head discovers that Igor has been keeping him locked up ever since, but now he's escaped. Just in time, as McTosis has found the hat and is fighting Frank for it. Mr Cuddle Bunny is not at all impressed that another rabbit is trying to steal his fortune.

Sonic's World

Secret Weapon is a Sonic's World story, featuring the debut of Vermin the Cybernik. Lew Stringer wrote the story, while Corona and Andy Pritchett shared art duties and Frame lettered. The Freedom Fighters have discovered a new Cybernik and he appears to be loyal to Doctor Robotnik. This robot is tougher than Shortfuse the Cybernik and can easily fend off the likes of Tails. Vermin unleashes his secret weapon; his tail can inject a virus into Shortfuse's armour, disabling him. Amy Rose finishes the fight by shooting a Gum Tree Sac, the acid melting Vermin's armour. Shortfuse will get better, but he'll be ready for Vermin's next appearance.


Control Zone

This week's Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, covers this week's stories as well as welcoming in St. Andrew's Day. Below, an apology is given to readers of Future Shock, who found that a lettering mistake ruined page 4 of the second part. In this issue, the correct page is presented, albeit smaller. In the SEGA Charts, FIFA Soccer '96 makes it to the top of the Mega Drive charts, while Brutal: Paws of Fury remains top of the Mega-CD list. Elsewhere, Micro Machines 2 returns to the Game Gear chart at the top and NiGHTS into Dreams is a new entry, straight to pole position in the Saturn list.

Review Zone

Two Disney games were given reviews this issue, with Pocahontas receiving 85% and Pinocchio gaining a not-so-remarkable 70%. Both scores were given by Chris Jones.

Q Zone

The revisit of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 continued with Part 4, the Icecap Zone and Launch Base Zone. The uncredited tipster gives hints on what Badnik threats to expect, as well as some general ideas.


This St. Andrew's Day Speedlines saw pictures of Sonic as the Loch Ness Monster, as well as Tails dressed as a highland piper. One letter was from a Scottish fan, though others questioned Sonic's dress sense and another asked for a Tails poster, only to be directed to this issue's Buzz Bomber pin-up.



The previous issue was Issue 90. The next is Issue 92.

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