I think Sonic is a little mad today...

Jail Break is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 247 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Sonic has been imprisoned by the police in Metropolis City High Security Prison following a missile attack on Green Hill Zone. Amy visits the prison, protesting Sonic's innocence, but all are certain that Sonic himself is in the prison's forcefield. Even the Kintobor Computer denies knowing Sonic is innocent, suggesting he has been tampered, despite evidence to the contrary. Amy breaks Sonic out of his cell with an invisible photon cannon, and the hedgehogs make good their escape, teleporting out when they reach a dead end. They arrive on a rebuilt echidna vehicle piloted by Knuckles and beat a hasty retreat. Without warning, Sonic suddenly turns violent, attacking Knuckles and Amy, damaging the ship's controls after stealing Amy's gun and leaving a panicked Tails to try and land it. The ship crashes on the planet's surface, and the feebly stirring Freedom Fighters fail to notice Sonic sprinting off, assuming a liquid metal surface and seeping into a crack in the ground. Elsewhere, Sonic awakens deep underground to hear an unseen voice. It talks about giving him drugs to break him out of prison, and of taking his place after the police ran tests to prove who he was. The liquid metal entity appears and swirls around him, talking of the hopelessness of his situation, before shifting into a giant version of its real form: a new model of Metallix.


  • This isn't the first time Sonic has been in jail. He was arrested in New Tek City and also found himself in a Shanazar prison guarded by Grimer. He would soon find himself imprisoned once more during The Universe Game.
  • Knuckles appears despite his apparent death in Vichama Is Coming Home, the resolution not having appeared by this point.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Whodunit?. The next story was Goodbye, Mobius.

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