Jennifer, or Jenny for short, is a monster created by Professor Frank N. Stein and resident of Castle Frank N. Stein. Despite his feminine name, Jenny is actually male. While he lives in Stein's mother's basement, he seems to able to move around the castle freely, and his diet includes old gym mats and LOLcats. Artist Stiv has claimed that Jenny's face is based upon the 'awesome' smilie, which has gained recognition on the Sonic the Comic Online forum for its usage in Butchery.

Jenny is essentially a giant psychic octopus. The second he was created, he mentally absorbed all of humanity's culture and broadcasted his mental being around the world via linked computer systems. Stein uses this fact to claim that he invented the internet. Chuck D. Head and Head would later bump into Jenny in their exploration of the castle, the monster manipulating spoons and demanding to be fed more LOLcats.

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