Jetta Maxx is member of the Eternal Champions.

Previous Life and Death

Born in Russia, Jetta was active as a revolutionary in the late 19th century, plotting against a tyrannical Tsar (alluded in the game manual to be a relative of hers). She was forced to flee to Indonesia, where she learned the fighting style of Pencak Silat to add to her knowledge of Savate. Going undercover as a circus acrobat in China, she met with other revolutionaries and planned a return to Russia. However, agents of the Tsar caught up with her and arranged for an untimely 'accident', witnessing her fall from the tightrope without a net.

Eternal Champions

Maxx was rescued by The Eternal Champion, requiring one of nine powerful warriors in his fight against The Overlord. Despite training hard to be successful, she was one of the only Champions to show compassion at the same time, talking softly to Slash while Jonathan Blade was berating him. Attempting to explain to Slash about the computers, the time soon came for her to participate in a tournament to the death. Maxx was pitted against Midknight, with the vampiric scientist proving too fast for even Jetta's phase speed. After being saved by Shadow Yamoto and Midknight's pact, Jetta later came to the rescue of Slash again after being abandoned by Xavier Pendragon in The Battle Room. The concerned Champion took the neanderthal to the med wards and received an explanation of Slash and Xavier's rivalry.

Eventually, her first full mission approached. An assault on Nakano's office almost led to her getting killed by a guard, too interested in Nakano's escape. Fortunately, Larcen Tyler was on hand to save her. The second attack saw her note that the foe was fast but were notably lacking in strength. The organiser inside her urged Jonathan Blade to stick to the plan, something he didn't listen to, before accompanying RAX Coswell and others to The Cyberdome. There, she expressed confusion over why guns were in a sports arena. She was soon forced into a life or death battle with Larcen , one she almost lost. However, Tyler made a misogynist comment, turning the tables in her favour. After RAX freed her from her cage, she continued a battle with rookie cyber-fighters and beamed back to 1994, but didn't have much of a part in the final battle against Nakano. After the encounter, she was eager to take Trident back for medical attention, ignoring the concerns of others.

Special Moves

Thanks to her mission in the circus and her study of two fighting styles, Jetta mixed her wide range of combat knowledge with her agilty:

  • Flying Choke
  • Phase - her usual move of choice in the stories
  • Resonate
  • Ricochet
  • Bladerang
  • Ceiling Grab
  • Death Dive
  • Moving Corkscrew


Jetta is cold and distant, but also efficient and business-like. She is also strong, idealistic and fanatical about fulfilling her mission. As a Champion, she has formed some sort of attachment with Larcen, another idealist. Her previous life means she now hates all monarchists, kings, queens or despotic tyrants and has developed a fear of heights. Despite her kind words to him, she dislikes Slash who comes across as brutish towards her. She supposedly utterly hates Midknight and cannot see him as anything other than a vampire.


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