Jim Alexander is a one-time writer for Sonic the Comic who presented the Sonic the Hedgehog and Tekno the Canary team-up, The Trickster. At a time when only three stories appeared per issue and when Nigel Kitching and Lew Stringer had written every story since the demise of the Sega Superstars strips, Alexander was drafted in by editor Deborah Tate to provide a one-off 2-parter. A lack of conversation with Kitching and Stringer meant that several plot-holes appeared, such as the reasoning behind Mr Fry being in the Metropolis City High Security Prison or why Sonic wasn't in Shanazar (although events like this have happened in the past). These points, as well as a weak story and working with unfavourable artist Mick McMahon meant that Alexander's stay with the comic wasn't a particularly favourable one.

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