Art by Team Mobius

Joe Sushi is a walrus from the Green Hill Zone (later the Turquoise Hill Zone) who serves as a minor recurring character in Sonic the Comic. Like Tux, Sushi has never been explicitly named but has often been seen being smashed out of a Badnik by old friend Sonic the Hedgehog. Sushi's Japanese name is "Rocky", where he was usually seen as one of the possible animals to be rescued in the original Sonic the Hedgehog game and its sequels.

Sushi first received a speaking role in Issue 1 story Enter: Sonic, declaring an urge to "party" after being rescued by Sonic. He later accompanied Sonic back to the Emerald Hill Zone after his 6 month absence from Mobius and was put to work in the Chemical Plant Zone before filling in as a background character in several more early stories. After a year of building hideouts, working for Terra-Droid and watching his Zone come under attack several times, Joe's fate became unknown. The walrus wasn't ever seen again, until Issue 250 of Sonic the Comic Online saw many old characters return to fight against Doctor Robotnik and his Badnik invasion. Sushi's panel revealed that he had moved to the Turquoise Hill Zone, along with Tux, Sally Acorn and Flicky. During The Battle For Mobius, Sushi was seen to be removing the electronics from Prime Badnik Arachbot, although the full extent of this could be only be witnessed on the accompanying pin-up. His appearance seemed to bring him closer to Archie Comics equivalent Rotor Walrus, along with the technical activities he appeared to enjoy. In a later cameo in Issue 264, he's radically changed appearance, becoming Sally's cameraman and now sharing Rotor's body build instead of coat.

Joe's home seems to have moved about quite a bit. Since Sonic the Comic's early stories were set in the Green Hill Zone, Sushi could be found there. However, when the focus shifted to Emerald Hill, Sushi's adventures took him there. As he was never shown to leave, Sushi could be considered a member of the Emerald Hill folk. After an unspecified amount of time, the walrus moved to Turquoise Hill, either yearning for the quiet days or to defend it against Robotnik's invasion.


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