Journey to the Crossroads is a 3-part Tails story which began in Issue 234 of Sonic the Comic Online.



As Tails wraps up another day's crime fighting in Metropolis Zone, he is annoyed that he still isn't being as widely acknowledged as Sonic. As if on cue, a portal to the Nameless Zone opens, and Tails enters after a moment's hesitation to find Morain Blackthorn battling thirty goblin soldiers. Tails grabs Morain and flies her out of the building, leaving the goblins to report to their chief, and soon returns her to the village, where she introduces him to her new allies, Pippa and Trent. The resistance group begin going over their plan to stop the goblins' new steam train from running and swarming the Nameless Zone with even more goblins, while one of the goblins reports Tails' arrival to his chief, Errol Blackthorn.

After crossing the bridge over the non-existent space between the Nameless Zone and Land Beyond, the resistance discuss the dangers of more goblins entering the Zone, before arriving at the station where the goblins' train is ready. Nearby, Errol meets with Sergeant Gork and is keen to cooperate with the goblin in stopping the resistance causing trouble, but Gork proves to be difficult. He sees the goblin migrants as rabble and idiots, the foxes as "cowering pustules", and Roubal as someone who signed a "cowardly pact" that Trogg wouldn't have done, and orders the despondent Errol to remember his place. Errol notices the disguised Tails boarding the train however, and quietly pursues him. While Tails, under Morain's orders, takes the satchel the resistance brought into the engine room, Errol corners his sister and orders her to surrender. In the engine room, Tails opens the satchel out of curiosity only to find it loaded with sticks of dynamite.

As the train hurtles along the rails above the non-existent space, Pippa and Trent observe while riding Errol's dragon. Morain argues her case for rebellion with Errol, who is still keen to make peace with the goblins, but Tails steps in with the satchel. Morain blows Tails off, saying that the migrants are legitimate targets for a bombing, and Sergeant Gork steps in to take over from Errol. He states that Morain is to be executed, and when Errol shows no sign of stopping this, Morain starts a fire and leaps out the window. While Gork tries to smother the fire, Tails notices that the satchel has caught fire and flies outside to get rid of it. He flings the burning satchel away, and it explodes a few seconds later, leaving all unharmed. Morain has rejoined with Pippa and Trent on the dragon and is retreating. Later, as the Enchanter Kings open a new portal to Mobius, they and Errol explain why the foxes are letting the goblins behave in such a way: to prevent an outright war and improve their living conditions with roads, technology and medicine. Tails thus returns to Mobius, his mind on whose side he should take when he next visits, as a visible awkwardness is seen between the Blackthorns.


  • Part 2 shows that the migrant workers are bringing children with them and want to start a "new life" in the Nameless Zone.
  • An issue of Sonic the Comic can be seen on one of the train's seats in the third part of the story.


The previous Tails story was Just Like Old Crimes. The next story was In Cold Blood.

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