K.T. Slayer is a character who appears in the only Mutant League Football story, Bring Me The Head of Coach Brikka!. Slayer is the leader of the Slaycity Slayers and one of the main antagonists of the story.


In a game between the Slaycity Slayers and the Midway Monsters, K.T. Slayer makes a deal with the Dukes of Biohazard. Hovering suspiciously in the background, K.T. watches as Coach Brikka's head blows off after being handed a doctored slice of puke to eat. It transpires that Slayer made a deal to deliver the head of Brikka to M.F.L. chairman, Zalgor Prigg, in exchange for Brenda Brikka's hand in marriage. Keen to accept, Slayer gains possesion of the head and makes a break for it, running to Prigg's hideout whilst other footballers block the Monsters' attempt to save their coach.

Slayer continues to run, past innocent bystanders and salesmen, fighting his way through the Winter Olympics, before being tackled by Bones Jackson. The head is delivered nonetheless, but Prigg double-crosses Slayer and decides to keep Brenda for himself. Deciding to team up with the Monsters (partly due to Bones' threats), Slayer kicks Grim's head through the fortress door, steals Brikka's head back and takes command of operations. From inside, he proposes a play-off; the winner gets to keep Brikka's head and gets to marry Brenda. The Monsters accept, not knowing that Doctor Wizz now works for Slayer and has provided him with the Stunticombinaconaformabot.

In the following match, Slayer takes control of said machine and blows up Grim, but is stranded as The Razor Kid blocks the exhaust pipe with the ball, destroying the bot. Bones climbs the wreckage and punches Slayer in the face, winning the match.


K.T. Slayer comes across as a brute who has to win, whatever the cost. Easily sucked into a fiendish plot by Zalgor Prigg, he uses his intelligence (or perhaps someone else's) to carry out the plan. Thereafter, his immense strength allows him to plow through any opposition in order to get the job done. Despite being gullible enough to fall for Prigg's betrayal, he quickly turns things in his favour and has both Prigg and the Monsters where he wants them.

Despite being a dastardly character, he has his fans. When punching a young boy's braces out, the child declares that he can't wait to tell his friends what happened. He also commands loyalty from the Slaycity Slayers, whilst also enjoying the assistance of many other players keen to knock the Monsters down. Slayer can also easily influence the weak, forcing Wizz to join his side rather than Prigg's.


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