The Kane Broadcasting Company is a television broadcasting corporation run by Percival James Kane. KBC has come into prominence in Sonic the Comic Online with its massive smear campaign against Sonic.

The seeds of distrust against Sonic were sown with Hobson and Choy's slanderous documentary, Sonic: The Inside Story. The situation worsened when a group of fanatical Sonic supporters led by Norris Wimple launched an attack on the station, and indeed Harold Hilltop, after Hilltop repeatedly made a string of jokes about Sonic in the wake of the aforementioned documentary. Naturally, KBC only made things even worse by claiming the attack was led by Sonic. The public's distrust of Sonic continued to grow, and when Sonic confronted Kane after being framed for a Mega Mack bomb in Metropolis Zone and attacking the Freedom Fighters, Kane simply responded that with Mobius being a free planet, Sonic answered to the people, the media, and thus to Kane. And naturally, KBC were there to drag the blue blur's name through the mud even more when he couldn't stop a Mega Mack filled missile hitting the Green Hill Zone. It was later revealed, after Sonic defeated the new Metallix model that Grimer fed a desperate Kane information, anonymously, as part of a heavily orchestrated act of revenge against Sonic for driving Robotnik insane. It worked like a charm, as it seems now that Tails is quite possibly the only one on Mobius who still believes in and trusts Sonic.

Even people who used to trust Sonic with all their heart like Amy begin to think Sonic has double crossed them.

KBC played their part in the Battle for Mobius with a live broadcasted performance from Fabian Vane, horribly damaging the attacking Troopers and even driving one to commit suicide. While they are still broadcasting, it is unknown if the smear campaign is continuing.

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