Art by Nigel Kitching

Kevin the Bat was a bat who resided in Castle Frank N. Stein, Transylvania. Kevin had an amazing power to break the fourth wall, talking directly to Boomers about what was happening. He first congratulates readers for making it on time, while also glad that we missed the earlier stuff - dead bodies, bottles full of internal organs, the blood, the stench and the putrid flesh. Disgusted by his own words, Kevin turns and vomits into a "Barf Bag" and carries on. His life is cut short by Igor, who is annoyed by the bat talking to himself and crushes him with a mallet.

Kevin's friends later come back to avenge his death. Spotting that Igor was the one who committed the atrocity, they dive in for the kill. As Professor Frank N. Stein welcomes new creation Chuck D. Head, Igor tries to dispose of Kevin's friends by climbing on top of the raised platform and swinging a spanner. They seemingly give up after they cause Igor to 'decapitate' Chuck.


  • Kevin gets the distinction of being the first ever Decap Attack character to appear in the series' strips. Chuck and Head appeared beforehand on the cover and in promotional pages.
  • His badge changes throughout the story, first saying "Hi! I'm Kevin", before changing to confirm he means "Kevin the Bat that is" before defending himself with "Kevin is NOT a stupid name for a bat".
  • Kevin's fate is omitted from the flashback story, Birthday.
  • Another character called Kevin appears later in the series but has nothing to do with this character.


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