This article is about the Kid Chameleon series of stories. For the first in the series, see Kid Chameleon (story).

The Kid Chameleon series of stories follow Casey, a regular teenage boy, interested in video games and girls, who becomes a multi-personality superhero in a deadly game, "Wildside". Both stories share the same plot, yet have completely unique warriors and beasts for Casey to transform into.

First story

The first Kid Chameleon story begain in Issue 7 and introduced the characters of Casey, Suzi and Brad. Over the course of the adventure, Casey transforms into a multitude of different characters, each with their own attitudes and strengths, all in an attempt to find Suzi and "beat the game". After beating various threats as different people, Casey finds Suzi and gets her out of the game, but there is no sign of Brad.


Return to Wildside

In Issue 54's Back to Unreality, Casey finally returns to Wildside to find Brad, at the request of Suzi. His return to the game is more confident, aware of the threats he may have to face. This story follows the same structure as the first - Casey enters a new area, transforms into a new character - until he falls into the sea and is washed up at Islecatraz, the game's prison. There, he finds that Brad has become a prison guard. Breaking free as 'Maniaxe' and freeing the inmates as 'Cyclone', Casey chases a fleeing Brad until Casey loses his chameleon powers in the middle of a shark attack after revealing his true identity. The pair work together and make it to the exit telepad, but the damaged device can only teleport one of them. Brad sacrifices himself by pushing Casey on it, yet The Voice reveals that to exit, Casey will have to take it to "the final level."

New characters


The end of the second story was a cliffhanger, deliberately teasing readers as to what would happen in "the final level." The final caption asks readers to write in if they want to see the showdown. The lack of a finale suggests that either fan demand for another story was low, or it was another casualty of the gradual phasing-out of non-Sonic strips. There appears to be no plans to resurrect Kid Chameleon in Sonic the Comic Online.

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