Kid Chameleon is a 6-part Kid Chameleon story, beginning in Issue 7 of Sonic the Comic and ending in Issue 12. The story introduced main character Casey, love interest Suzi, antagonist Brad and the mysterious advisor known only as The Voice.



Readers are thrown into the action as Casey is experiencing the realism of Wildside, a new virtual reality game in the arcades. It all began while Casey was at home, playing games like Sonic 2 and Streets of Rage when his mother comes in and turns off his console. As the boy protests disproportionately, his mum says that new girl Suzi has moved next door, prompting Casey to take a trip down to the arcade to meet her. Unfortunately, their first meeting ends badly when he trips up on his skateboard in front of Suzi and "big dork-brain" Brad steals her away to experience Wildside. Keen to meet her, Casey hangs around with friend Dylan but three hours pass and there is no sign of them. Suddenly, the doors open and Casey ventures in to ask the couple how the game was. As he stumbles in, the doors slam shut behind him and the game begins, hard and fast. Although it is "only a game", Casey starts to have real trouble avoiding the in-game monsters - until he actually utters the word "chameleon". Upon saying this, dorky Casey turns into warrior Red Stealth!

With his new found powers, Casey gets stuck into the enemies, impaling many of them with his sharp sword. Making light work of these foes, Red Stealth loses his sai to a metal fiend, but quickly destroys it with his blade. The resulting explosion propels him over to a telepad, sending him to a new area. This swamp region is guarded by the monstrous Fire-Breath; Casey is about to leave him alone when he discovers that it has Suzi in its clutches... The fight begins and one sharp slash of his weapon sees Casey reduce Fire-Breath to a much smaller enemy. Ready to take on the beast in hand-to-hand combat, Casey hands Suzi his sword and tells her to run, but is soon bested and about to die. Fortunately for him, Suzi chose not to run and stabs the creature, killing it. She reveals that Brad ran away, leaving her to escape on her own. Casey plans to reveal himself, but accidentally transforms into Eyeclops. Luckily, this transformation allows him to see invisible sewer folk coming for them. Eyeclops manages to fend them all off, until he realises that the remaining ones have captured Suzi.

Eyeclops follows the trail with his infrared, but comes across a dead end. This time, Casey turns into Micromax, a fly. The critter easily fits through a crack in the wall and cuts Suzi free with his powers, but he cannot see the sewer creatures anymore and is quickly captured. The bug manages to call on his chameleon powers once more, turning into the insane Bezerker! The bulky, green giant smashes his way through the invisible enemies and carries Suzi away eventually bashing through a wall and onto a telepad. The device warps them right in front of a massive tank about to crush them, but the strong Bezerker easily tears it apart. Suzi is beginning to fell the strain of this adventure, but she soon spots a sign pointing to an exit at the top of a skyscraper. Turning into the Iron Knight, the pair climb up the tall wall and are attacked by biplanes. Iron Knight smashes them all with his sword and have finally made it to the end of the game. Iron Knight tells Suzi to flee and begins to attack a robot gorilla that has impeded him. Unfortunately, the hero takes too many hits and loses his chameleon powers - turning him back into a boy!

Suddenly, things are really serious for the first time, with Casey unable to transform again. Casey attempts to use his skateboard to speed things up but is knocked off by a tremor from the monkey's punch. Desperately contemplating what Red Stealth or Eyeclops would do in this situation, Casey picks up his skateboard and throws into the gorilla's mouth. While disorientated, Casey takes the opportunity to kick the foe off the side of the building and beams out of the game. The Voice congratulates him on succeeding, but states that Brad is still somewhere inside the game. Leaving Wildside, Casey finds himself in a locked arcade and must slip out of a window. With the rain falling on him, he realises it was all an illusion - until he gets home to find the police looking for a missing Casey! His mum berates him for playing video games too much and for dragging Suzi into it, while Brad is still missing.

Realising the game must be evil, Casey knows it is upto him to go back to Wildside and beat the game for good.


  • The story is based on the Kid Chameleon video game.
  • This story continuously refers to the game as "Wild Side". The next story would see it revert to current spelling "Wildside".
  • Casey's dad is revealed to be separated from his mother, saying that he'll ring him because his mother pulled the plug on his game.
  • The series seems to be set in the United Kingdom, as the police officers are dressed in standard British uniforms.


The next Kid Chameleon story was Back to Unreality!.

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