Kill Big was a 2-part Sonic's World story, exclusive to Sonic the Comic Online. Beginning in Issue 243, the story centred on Big the Cat and The Family.

Big bites off more than he can chew.



Big the Cat is wandering the streets of Metropolis Zone, broke and hungry. Just when he is wondering where he'll get his next meal from, he picks up the scent of some delicious food. The buffet he happens upon is for a wedding in the Roach family. Family head, Morris Roach, finishes his speech and the guests head to eat, only to find Big sprawled on the table, quite satisfied, after eating the whole dinner. Roach orders his staff to kill the cat, leading Big to run away from the onslaught of bullets. Outraged, Morris plans to get revenge on the idiot. Later, Harvestman is on the phone to Don Long-Legs. He's still trying to make excuses for his failures last time but is given the chance to reprieve himself by killing Big. The cat is wandering the city once more, hungry again after all the running. His thoughts are interrupted by the appearance of Harvestman, the assassin shooting Big at close-range. As the killer adds another score to his career of killings, Big gets up and reveals he has caught the bullet. Angry, Big body-slams Harvestman, before informing him that cats can't be killed by bullets, their reflexes are too good. Harvestman apologises for thinking he was just fat and stupid, but Big doesn't mind; he is! Getting out his fishing rod, he latches on to a passing bus and escapes. Harvestman calls for back-up, amazed at what he has just seen.

At some point in the future, three members of The Family have bought Big a slap-up meal, with a proposition in mind. Even though Big has insulted the family name, they're willing to give him another chance; work for them for two years and the debt will be dropped. Big refuses, letting them know that crime doesn't pay. Freddy tries to convince him otherwise but Big's made up his mind. At that moment, a group of ninja grasshoppers burst through the window to kill Big. The cat isn't happy and vows to "clobber" them for ruining his dinner. Big holds his own until Herne appears. The brave cat uses his fishing rod to trap Herne, but the massive insect reels Big in, grabs him, and throws him out of the skylight. When he comes down, he realises he's beaten when surrounded by several members of The Family. After another job offer from Harvestman, Big decides he will work for them. He's happy enough when he's made Family Chef!


  • Much of the first part contained 3D imagery, such as computer-drawn balloons and environments. Many readers were against this style of art and the second part contained much less of it.
  • The two parts are split up into Volume 1 and Volume 2: Big Must Die!
  • The title is an obvious parody of Kill Bill.
  • Jamie J's writing heavily mirrors former STC writer Lew Stringer. The script is laden with puns and one-liners.
  • Buddy was missing throughout the story. After Horror in the Haunted Hill Zone, it was believed Big had eaten his fishy friend. However, Buddy returned, making a fish tank in the restaurant his home.
  • The restaruant would later be known as Buddy's Bistro, one where he would also be the waiter and possible owner as well as chef.


The previous Sonic's World story was Bitten by the Gambling Bug. The next is Rouge Alert.

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