Art by Lisa Lee

King "Hal" is the young King of the United Kingdom in The House of the Dead series, ascended to the throne following the zombie apocalypse. He is the son of Prince Charles, mentioning his dad's hatred of One Canada Tower.


Hal is a battle-ready ruler, as observed by the scar across his left eye. The King worked with AMS from the Tower of London, observing as zombies from the Isle of Dogs Fear Foundry worked their way to their headquarters. Despite the impending doom, Hal still found time to make a couple of quips, asking why Thomas Rogan didn't get a new suit for Director Lindbergh at Savile Row, whilst also bemoaning the fact that their last line of defence was named after Æthelred the Unready, his weakest ancestor.

At the Ethelred Line, Hal was forced to fight off zombies with a handful of AMS agents. In a fight with one, the King's arm was cut by a spiked claw but, despite Hal holding a gun, the monarch defeated it by kicking its head off. As his wound was patched up, Hal continued to issue orders to his teams in the city, rerouting them as required. He was eventually saved by the Resurrection Men and assisted Lindbergh in a surrender with their saviours.



  • King Hal is an older Prince Harry: "Hal" is one of the young Henry V's nicknames in Shakespeare's Henry IV, the other being "Prince Harry". If Harry does inherit the throne, he would use his real name of Henry.

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