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Hope you remembered your shovel claws...

King Boom Boo is the King of the Ghosts from the Haunted Hill Zone. While only named as the King of Ghosts in Sonic the Comic Online, he is recognisable to anyone who remembers fighting him in Sonic Adventure 2. The Floating Island scrolls talk of King Boom Boo, citing him as the most powerful of all ghosts. His power is never shown, but his sheer size is not to be disputed.

While a number of the Zone's ghosts were tormenting Porker Lewis in Rouge the Bat's interrogation attempt, King Boom Boo remained inactive. When Knuckles refused to give Rouge the code for the box containing the Chaos Emeralds, she smashed a magic hourglass, which summoned the King of Ghosts. King Boom Boo first appeared before Big the Cat and Buddy (but left them unharmed), gathered the Zone's ghosts to him, and made his way to his summoner. Only Rouge could call him off, and she had blocked the exit tunnel. The only feasible option at that point was for Knuckles to give Rouge the code. With the Emeralds and code in her possession, Rouge and her Badniks made their escape, leaving Knuckles, Porker and Tikal at King Boom Boo's mercy. As the ghost reared up behind them, Knuckles ordered his friends to remain absolutely still. It worked like a charm, as without Rouge to command him, King Boom Boo just couldn't be bothered to attack and led the ghosts elsewhere.
What King Boom Boo is doing now is anyone's guess.