Art by Andy Pritchett

King Edward was the villanous ruler of the Veg-Heads, a group of vegetables brought to life thanks to poisoning from the Chemical Plant Zone. After emerging from the ground, Edward declared that the Plowright Zone now belonged to his people and captured Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Mole and Farmer Nige. Sonic quickly escaped from his root bindings and King Edward made a break for it, running to the town centre. Unfortunately, he was caught by the townspeople and the ensuing mob called for the vegetables' heads, wishing to "boil" and "roast" them. King Edward was then betrayed by his onions, stating that they only followed Edward's orders because he has a "chip" on his shoulder about everything. Nige eventually came to the decision that he would give the Veg-Heads a plot on his land if they behave, something Edward reluctantly agreed to.


  • King Edward's name is a play on the actual King Edward potatoes.
  • His face is very similar to that of Xenor Krell.


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