Art by Keith Page

King Gedol was the ruler of the short-lived "Gedol Nation", located on Planet Elhorn. Gedol is extremely nasty and succeeded in brainwashing the entire population of Zebulon City, watching over them from Castle Zebulan. Part of his plan saw him attempt to marry Princess Shelly (against the wishes of his mother, Stubb), although only wishing to unite the Gedol and Zebulan empires under his rule. His main goal was to obtain the enchanted armour of Sparkster, his arch-enemy. Gedol's plan failed when Sparkster discovered the crystal reponsible for warping his friends' minds and smashed it. The people were free from Gedol's grip and revolted against their one-time ruler. The coward was forced to retreat up a tall building with Shelly in tow, but she slipped out of his hands and into the flying Sparkster. Furious, Gedol leapt at Sparkster to try and kill him but only ended up plummeting into a river. His fate was ultimately ambiguous as the series was cancelled.

Despite being the powerful ruler of Zebulon, Gedol was somewhat of a cowardly person. Understandably, he fled when his "followers" began to chase him. However, he showed a sense of fear about his own mother and was somewhat meek around her. His only real stand was to refuse to listen to her ramblings about Shelly's condition. As the king of Zebulon, Gedol invited his own guards into the royal castle to protect him. These lizards were somewhat in his own image and were actually fairly strong, but couldn't stand up to Sparkster.


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