Knightmares is

Sonic coolly avoid an attack. Art by Richard Elson.

a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog, appearing in Issue 160.



Continuing his journey across Planet Shanazar, Sonic the Hedgehog believes he has come across a peaceful Zone, only to be disturbed by horse people riding on lizardback. The hedgehog is apparently trespassing on "the Baron's land" and takes a swipe from the leader's sword for being cheeky. Not needing to fight, Sonic turns to run but is caught in a net. Treating the captured Sonic as "sport", the scene is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Amy Rose, who has appeared from nowhere. She explains that Tekno the Canary used the Ring of Eternity to locate Sonic - and just in time by the looks of it. Sonic attempts to convince Amy that he didn't need any help but Amy's busy setting up the homing device to get them home. When she's not looking, one of the confused horses lashes out and smashes the box, ending Amy and Sonic's chances of getting home. Furious, Sonic smashes his way out of the net and launches a Spin Attack on the horses, causing them to bow to his power and yield. They also beg for his help in fighting the Black Knight.

In the castle of The Knight's Baron, the baron explains his problem - a giant knight who plagues the lands and terrorises the people - but Sonic isn't interested and wants to go home. Amy taunts him, wondering why he's scared of a confrontation. Just this sentence is enough for Sonic to change his mind and help. Outside, Sonic calls them wimps, wondering just how big this knight is. His question is answered by the appearance of a huge beast in armour, threatening the heroes to death. They jump out of the way of an enormous mace before Amy tries her crossbow on the knight. The bolt bounces off, but Sonic is more successful, spinning his way through the armour. They're both surprised to find the giant knight was really just armour filled with Kritturs. They explain that they hid in the armour to stop the Baron from taking what was theirs. Amy comes up with a plan; later, she returns to the castle and pretends that Sonic was killed by the knight. Fearing that even he couldn't beat it, the horses vow never to return to the forest again. Back outside, Amy announces a job well done but regrets the fact that her device is destroyed. Stuck on the mini planet, Sonic and Amy get ready for more adventures.


  • Amy joins Sonic on Shanazar and remains there until Worlds Collide.
  • The Kritturs largely resemble characters from a Muller yoghurt advertising campaign, with adverts regularly appearing in the comic. This may or may not have been coincidence.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story is The Rig. The next is Space Race.

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