Art by Roberto Corona

The Labyrinth Zone is a hidden Zone on Mobius. Located on South Island, Sonic the Hedgehog passed through there on his way to defeat Doctor Robotnik for the very first time. It later returned, much larger thanks to the digging efforts of several Badniks. Now spanning as far as the Green Hill Zone and "half of Mobius", the Zone was where Tails taken to following a kidnapping by Arachbot and two Aquis Badniks. Much later, Sonic and Tails responded to a distress call from the Zone, the hedgehog fully aware it could be a trap. The Zone was actually the location of Grimer's newest trap, creating an air bubble that would completely engulf Sonic.

The location looks completely different in the two full times it appears. The tunnels that Arachbot dug are dark and featureless, eventually leading into a large chamber that can be flooded. Its later appearance would look much more like Sonic 1's ruined aesthetic.

Known Badniks


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