Life With the Snagsbys is a Decap Attack complete story, featured in Issue 102 of Sonic the Comic.



In a sleepy seaside town, Chuck D. Head has just received a phone call from Professor Frank N. Stein. Apparently, the castle has already been built and they can go home! Chuck isn't too happy though, he really likes staying at this B&B with The Snagsbys. As they go down for breakfast, Head tries to warn Chuck about the trip-wire spanning the top of the stairs, but it's too late. Chuck doesn't see it and the two go tumbling down, crashing into "Father" at the bottom. The Snagsbys seem a bit sad that the trip didn't kill them, but it's Chuck who apologises for being clumsy. Sitting down for breakfast, Chuck tucks into Mother's "Special" porridge; what's so special is Tipsy the Goldfish who is hiding inside and bites Chuck's nose. Head points out that it's actually a piranha, but Mother dismisses this claim. Father then blatantly throws a kitchen knife their way, narrowly missing Head. He apologises, the knife just slipped out of his hand as he was buttering toast, an apology Chuck accepts.

Mother notices that Mr Winkleton hasn't eaten his kipper again, something Head finds suspicious. This guest has never eaten his breakfast while they've been there, but Chuck thinks he's just not a big eater. Head then says Winkleton never says anything, Chuck replying that he must be shy. Head, exasperated, observes that he never moves! Mother says he doesn't quite move like he used to... Head has had enough and yells to Chuck that Mr Winkleton is dead and The Snagsbys are trying to kill them too. The old couple admit it; they kill their guests because they can't bear to see them leave. With that, Chuck and Head leave the bed and breakfast. Chuck still doesn't understand what Head was getting at and berates him for being rude to the old couple and always seeing the worst in people.


  • Decap Attack is supposed to be set in Transylvania, Romania. Either Chuck and Head went on holiday to England, or they've built a seaside resort in Eastern Europe...
  • The Snagsbys names of "Mother" and "Father" seem to refer to other popular comics of the time, such as The Beano, where parents would call themselves "Ma and Pa", or similar.
  • This story follows on from the events of Walls, which itself followed Dead.


The previous Decap Attack story was Walls. The next is Funny Old Game.

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