This is a full list of appearances made by Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic the Comic, Sonic the Comic Online and all associated specials.

Stories starring Sonic

Every issue of Sonic the Comic's main strip was a "Sonic" one, all of which starred the titular hedgehog. For a full list, see the first column on the "List of stories" page. Additionally, all stories under the Double Sonic banner starred Sonic.

Stories featuring Sonic

Amy Rose

Sonic's World



Sonic the Comic Online

Starring Sonic

Again, the majority of lead stories in Sonic the Comic Online are "Sonic" strips and can be found in the first column of List of stories in Sonic the Comic Online. Any exceptions are marked with the true lead character.

Featuring Sonic


Sonic has appeared on the vast majority of covers for both STC and STC-O. The following list details every cover that he is not featured on:

STC Online

Special editions


This section (and onwards) lists places Sonic does appear:

STC Online

Special Editions

Cover Heads

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