Art by Carl Flint and John M Burns

Loot the Treasure Seeker is a chameleon who once acted as a thief in the Eldorado Zone.


Loot, a green reptile with a black and white striped top, made The Museum of Arty Art his target, stealing both The Bronze Monkey and The Golden Handshake. Both Harry Mole and Tails were called in to solve the mystery, although Loot soon made himself obvious by appearing right in front of them. Right before their eyes, Loot ran up and stole the Golden Handshake and appeared to vanish into thin air. Actually, Loot had just snuck in during opening hours, made himself invisible and then left the next morning when the museum reopened. Loot's plan was uncovered when Tails saw footprints being made in the soft grass by the invisible Loot. Tails used his twin tails to sling mud all over Loot's location, ousting him and his invisibility. Loot attempted to run far enough to become invisible again, but was tripped by Mole's molehill. He was soon apprehended by the police and both his prizes were returned to the museum.

Following his stint in prison, Loot reformed and took a job as a window cleaner. Unfortunately, he was spotted "creeping" around people's window by Captain Blue and was assaulted by S.P.E.A.R., believing him to still be a criminal. Blue refused to apologise, calling Loot suspicious.


  • It isn't shown how Loot returned the Bronze Monkey to the police since he didn't seem to have it with him.
  • not only can he turn invisible but he also can turn things he's holding invisible.


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