Lost in the Labyrinth Zone is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story that appeared in Issue 5 of Sonic the Comic.



At 7AM in the Green Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog has just finished his morning workout, running on his treadmill to try and reach the speed of sound. Tails reads that he's only at 750mph (around 18mph too slow) and Sonic is rattled, wanting to be faster, the best there is. After a quick shower and a thorough blow-drying of his spikes, Sonic gets ready to eat breakfast - at least two hundred burgers! Don't worry, Sonic's only going to eat them one at a time. Before Sonic can finish his first one, metallic tentacles spring from below the ground and kidnap Tails, dragging him to the depths below. The destination is the Labyrinth Zone and the captor is Arachbot, backed up by two Aquis Badniks. Back above, Sonic calls for his friend but there is no response. Sally Acorn, a cow and a rabbit come up to join Sonic, but they can offer no words of consolation.

Arachbot and the Aquises have been digging and burrowing down in the Labyrinth Zone for months and the Zone now stretches under almost half of Mobius. Tails tries some tough talking, saying Sonic will be here soon. Arachbot orders Aquis to spray Tails with a sleeping gas, saying that when he wakes up he'll be a robot. Some way back, Sonic leaps into the Zone and his friends come with him, albeit reluctantly. No sooner has Sonic told them that they'll be safe with him do traps start raining on them from all angles. Spike balls, arrows and a spike trap convince Sally they should turn back, but Sonic is determined to rescue Tails. With the fox asleep, Arachbot confesses he'd like to "bash his brains" in, but Doctor Robotnik wishes to turn Tails into a Badnik once again. Arachbot even has his old Robofox suit ready. Before Arachbot can consider what to call the Tails Badnik, Sonic catches up with them and easily trashes the Aquis pair. Arachbot warns that Sonic can't turn a Prime Badnik like him back and shows his fearlessness by flooding the tunnels. As the water pours in, Tails begins to wake up but is still in danger. As everyone climbs out of the water, Sonic grabs the Robofox shell and releases the oil over the surface. Then, operating the weapon system on the suit, Sonic causes the oil to ignite and torches the Badnik.

Back outside, Sonic gets ready to continue with his breakfast of three hundred hot dogs and a hundred thick shakes. Tails thinks his hero is gross and thought Sonic had already had breakfast. Sonic pours on the mustard and laughs it off - that was only the first course!


  • Sonic and Tails moved back to the Green Hill Zone after last issue's adventure in the Emerald Hill Zone.
  • Arachbot makes its only appearance. Interestingly, there was never again a mention of a Prime Badnik, although there are plenty of instances of Badniks that have no organic battery.
  • The Labyrinth Zone makes its first appearance, although looks completely different to the ruins of future stories.
  • The red Aquis Badniks also look much different to the ones found in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and related story "Super Sonic". They also seem to be fitted with a gas container.
  • Sally mentions the title when she first enters the Zone, one of the only instances of a non-character name title is referenced in-story.
  • The cow tells the "fellas" to be careful, despite Sally being there as well.
  • Tails' Robofox is completely functional, despite Tails destroying it in Issue 2. It also now has a flamethrower that was not mentioned before.
  • Arachbot contemplates what Tails will be called as a Badnik, despite it being implied to be Robofox earlier.
  • Tails moans at Sonic for eating so much and Sonic says it is just his second course, despite Sonic supposedly only getting through half a burger before the adventure.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Day of the Badniks. The next is Attack on the Death Egg.

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