"It doesn't much look like him to me." Art by Nigel Kitching

Loyd Grossman is a television presenter, chef and inventor of a range of lovely pasta sauces. He is perhaps most famous for his stint as presenter on TV panel show Through the Keyhole, a panel show where Grossman invited people to identify the owner of a home based on a tour around the house. He reprised this role in the first story of Decap Attack, inviting readers around Castle Frank N. Stein. He was said to be very impressed by the gothic laboratory and wondered "who would live in a castle like this?". Max D. Cap responded, saying that he lived in a castle like this. He then commanded Bullhead to show Loyd out, which he did by throwing him out of the window and, supposedly, killing him.


  • Loyd's appearance is perhaps the only example of a real-world celebrity actually appearing within a Sonic the Comic strip.
  • There's no explanation of how Grossman got in the castle, how he knows Frank and Igor's names, or who he's even talking to.

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