Lumina introduces herself to Sonic

Lumina Flowlight is a character in Sonic the Comic Online. Her first, and so far only, appearance was in the Issue 251 story The Universe Game. In this complete story, Lumina abducts Sonic the Hedgehog from Mobius to help her fight her arch-enemy, The Void, a criminal let loose in Sonic's universe and someone who is effectively the mirror of herself.

Lumina is presented as the emissary of Maginary World, seemingly in a completely different universe to Mobius'. She comes across as the hero, preventing The Void from obtaining the Precioustone which would result in her gaining "ultimate power". Her motives are questionable, however, abducting whoever she deems to be strong enough to fight The Void in their "game of cosmic proportions".

In The Universe Game, Sonic loses his battle with old foe Turbo, causing Lumina to lose that particular round of the game. When the two hedgehogs interrupt their battle, Lumina determines it necessary to sacrifice an entire galaxy to stop The Void. However, Sonic and Turbo punch The Void's lights out, effectively ending a battle that had lasted for a hundred years. After this, Lumina sends the hedgehogs back to their own homes.

Sonic Shuffle

Lumina is a character originally from Dreamcast game Sonic Shuffle. In this, Lumina summons Sonic, Tails, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Big the Cat and Doctor Robotnik to help her defeat "Void" and save Maginary World. The events seem to mirror The Universe Game's story, although writer Shaz has admitted he has limited knowledge of the game.

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