Magic is an unexplained phenonemon in fiction. Either through intense training, coalition with supernatural powers or simply by swallowing a magic potion, an ordinary man or woman can possess magical powers capable of helping themselves or harming others. Magic was used frequently in many Sonic the Comic series and its uses are varied.


In modern Japan, the assassin organisation Neo Zeed appear to have gone further than any other ninjitsu practitioner and seem to have developed 'magical' powers. Obvious cases are The Four Elements, who are named after the world's elements that each one can manipulate. Fire has the ability to conjure fire from nowhere, shaping it into fiery blades and can also breathe fire. Water can do so similar, making it very dangerous for her to be anywhere near Fire. Air controls the very air we all breathe, making her perhaps the deadliest. She is also the only one able to fly. Earth is a bulky man who draws his powers from the ground below and can cause tremors by just stomping his feet. Pulling him away from the floor negates his strength. Leader of the Neo Zeed is The Void who has stronger powers than the four of them combined. Nonetheless, Joe Musashi made sure he could never use magic again when he cripplied his hand with a single technique.

Others have shown prowess in mystical capabilities. Musashi has used prana to draw power from the world, helping him to overcome The Void's skill. Kotomi-sensei is said to know various magical abilities and the Roofworlders are worried when he can't cure himself from imminent death. Fortunately, Musashi knows the cure.

The Legend of the Golden Axe

Nearly everyone from or around Yuria is able to conjure up magic by appealing to a particular God or demon. Heroes like Ax-Battler, Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead can drink magic potions (usually stolen from elves) to replenish their power. They then call for power; Ax has the power of wind, Tyris of fire and Gilius Earth. Gilius' young sister, Yuki-Plantcharmer, calls the Goddess Flora to give her nature powers. Gilius is initially skeptical of her 'power' but changes his mind when snake enemies are first embedded in a cactus and then others are impaled on a bamboo garden.

Villains are just as keen to use magic as the heroes. Sorcerer Blackspell is perhaps the most magical in the series, learning many techniques through his long life. His most impressive ability was to revive Dark Guld from the dead. In return, Guld used magic to merge his body with Blackspell's, turn into a two-headed eagle and summon suits of armour with nobody wearing them. Blackspell also had a lieutenant, Ul-Tima, who used magic to give life to ropes and a skeleton army. Later, Cobraxis commanded a number of wizard priests who manipulated snakes to do their bidding. Sidekick Viprax could use Rainbow Snake dust to conjure living snakes to fight his enemies and could even turn his hands into snakes. Dwarves weren't averse to using magic either, as Queen Silpantia-Dragontamer used her skill to summon Cloudburner and his dragon kin.

Elsewhere in the land, Proffit is a wizard trader armed with a scrying pool, the Golden Axe is a magical artifact that gives its bearer extra strength and a sleeping potion can instantly knock out a foe.

Wonder Boy

Shion of Monster World is another proficient user of magic, as long as he is stocked up on potions. The hero has used various types of elemental magic to deal with demon and ghost enemies, but almost killed himself when a powerful Earth move went wrong and he plummeted over a cliff. By combining magic with his sword, Shion can create a strong elemental weapon but fire in particular takes a physical toll on the metal. After topping up at Tom's Trading Post and Supply Emporium, Shion was able to send a dinosaur ghost to the world of Golden Axe (shortly after the same dinosaur had turned Lukout to stone). Later, Wordsmith found Bottled Hurricane while Shion used a genie to fool the King. Indeed, the inhabitants of Dinotown were only able to invade the Skyrock Mountains because the Wailing Sisters of Witchery World had created a Power Jar responsible for keeping floating stones to the mountains afloat. Shion also wore an amulet that allowed him to breathe underwater and understand Lauren and Hardy.

Eternal Champions

Being from a multitude of different times, the Eternal Champions were a varied group, but the only user of magic (or magick) was Xavier Pendragon. In reality, he is actually fond of bio-science and alchemy, but he was denounced as a warlock and burned at the stake, only to be rescued by The Eternal Champion. Midknight can also harness his vampiric powers to weaken foes, shooting eye beams that paralyse the victim.

Ecco the Dolphin

The glyphs built in Atlantis appear to have been built by a civilisation that had some knowledge of magic. The Asterite, a foreign visitor to Planet Earth also harnesses some power and shared it with Ecco.

Shining Force

Magic is commonplace on Granseal Island, particularly practiced by Taya, an elf. Maximillian appears to have some knowledge of it and has special mystical powers once he dies. Some of these are passed on to Bowie when he comes to close to death at the hands of a gun, granting him extra strength and teleportation. As an inversion, many people in this future world believe relics of the past (a nuclear bomb, guns and digital screens) to be the work of magic.

Marko's Magic Football

After being dunked in the green slime, the football belonging to Marko became magic and would always return to his feet after being kicked away. It also got a life of its own, falling for a female "football" until it was destroyed a stray gun shot.

Nameless Zone

Various foxes in the Nameless Zone are capable of using magic. The Enchanter Kings are three powerful examples and Shaman Warpull can also use it to summon the portal to Mobius. Trogg showed limited knowledge, being able to transform into Shirob at will, although this was thanks to contact with the much more powerful "The Dark One".


The Drakon Empire has vested interests in the world of magic. One entire department, the House of Magic, is dedicated to the use of magic in achieving their goals. Sister Haggra is the only known official who works with magic, although someone else has used magic to capture Sonic the Hedgehog and bring him to her. The Vapours of Destiny are a mystical device used to see who will be the one to lead them to the Chaos Emeralds, among other uses.


In the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic once came up with evil elf Vile Peter and had no idea how he was kidnapping the Emerald Hill folk children. He was actually using magic to suck them up into a small container and used magic again to keep Sonic at bay. Further magic was later used by Father Christmas to capture Peter (although Sonic didn't believe it at first. Santa himself is a depiction of magic, unable to be touched in anger and can somehow deliver presents across the world at Christmas in just one night.

Three further noted magic users include Agiatha Witchbrew, her granddaughter Violet and Ebony, who has been taken into custody by the Order of Magick for illegal usage of her power, specifically siphoning off some of Super Sonic's essence in hopes of returning the demon to a pacifist state. The Order consider themselves the authority on all magic (or magick, as they prefer) usage on Mobius. It was later revealed that "extraction" of someone's magic can often be painful or even fatal.


The entire world of Shanazar is dependant on magic. The most important people in society are genies and their hosts since they contain great power. Children are selected to take the journey to the Mystic Mountain. There, they perform a ritual at the Mystic Globe and absorb the gaseous genies. From then on, they will only live for five years but will be treated like royalty. Fajar is one such person who houses a genie, which is capable of knocking out Sonic with one spell. Mephistor is a wizard who can absorb the abilities of others. He initially bottled it up with the intention of selling it but decided to try and absorb it himself. Later, Grand Vizier Doctor Robotnik used a magic necklace to turn Princess Kupacious into a frog and planned to use a Magic Gem protect him from his own Dimension Blender, until Kupacious stole it.

New Zones

Sonic and Amy Rose visited the United States where a tribe of natives were being hassled by US cowboys. The Shaman believed that spirits would help them, something he thought accomplished when Sonic and Amy arrived. When they were discovered to be intruders, they were locked up but something spiritual did appear to help them during a second assault... Shaman also created a sleeping potion that knocked out both hedgehogs.

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