Mark and sparks

Mark & Sparks are a pair of chimpanzee electricians from the Casino Night Zone. Their main job is keeping the Zone well-maintained, and they can easily be told apart, Mark wearing blue while Sparks wears yellow. Their names are derived from the slang nickname for the retail chain, Marks & Spencer.

In their first appearance, Mark & Sparks worked alongside Tails in finding the secret base of a number of Badniks terrorizing the Casino Night Zone. The chimps put together a Cyclops disguise for Tails so he could infiltrate the Badniks' lair, but when he was accidentally given away, he was forced to resort to plan B. Mark and Sparks guided Tails between two pylons, and right on cue, shocked the Badnik horde into submission. Much to the displeasure of Max Gamble, this move caused a power failure in his casino, but the Zone's residents were quick to rally to the defence of Tails and the chimps.

The chimps reappeared in Sonic the Comic Online assisting Amy Rose at a Fabian Vane concert, now wearing jackets similar to that of Porker and Johnny Lightfoot, but with Tails' face emblazoned on the back. When the Badniks attacked, Mark & Sparks were initially tasked with getting Fabian to the stage safely, but soon found themselves evacuating the stadium when Dr Robotnik attacked in his new mecha. They seem to have been granted a title of honourary Freedom Fighters too, if Gamble's statement in the story is anything to go by.

Mark and Sparks have been shown to own a building in Issue 261's "To the Hero of Mobius".

Freedom Fighters
Current Members: Tails - Amy Rose - Tekno the Canary - Cedric the Elephant - Big the Cat - Chrysalis - Kintobor Computer

Former Members: Sonic the Hedgehog - Johnny Lightfoot - Porker Lewis - Shortfuse the Cybernik

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Honorary Members: Knuckles the Echidna - Mark & Sparks


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