Marko is a young boy and is the main character in the story Marko's Magic Football. Living in North Sterlington with his mum, Marko is unique in that he has a magic football to do his bidding, a ball that returns to his feet every time he kicks it away. Curious and brave, Marko was solely responsible for foiling the dastardly plans of The Colonel and helping to restore North Sterlington to piece.

Marko first discovered his magic football when he accidentally kicked his regular ball into a barrel of green slime. The ball returned to his feet, so Marko ran off home, not keen to find out what it would to do him. After inadvertantly "breaking the law" by kicking his ball in a "No Ball Games" area, Marko evaded arrest, but followed the policeman into the sewers when he turned into a monster. From then on, Marko embarked on a quest to save his town, prompted by Captain Smirk who insisted that Marko's actions would also save the future.

The boy was given an "extra life" by Smirk, but lost it when shot dead by a sharpshooter. Marko was much more careful in future and infiltrated the Colonel's castle. With help from the football and some runaway slime, Marko killed the Colonel and escaped the castle. Despite saving the world, Marko was still berated by his mum for missing tea.


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