Art by Richard Elson

Maude and Harold Mudd are a elderly married couple, living in New Tek City, in the heart of the Special Zone (126 Crustacean Road, to be precise). From a brief glimpse of it, their marriage appeared tumultuous; Maude is keen to look after her husband, making tea and so forth, while Harold seems passive towards the whole relationship, perhaps somewhat verbally abusive to his wife, when he wants to go to the pub.

Their life is transformed when Sonic the Hedgehog is knocked through their living room wall by Blockhead Bill and Society Max (in his dinosaur state). Their entire house is destroyed by this encounter. They shortly meet the Chaotix Crew, who are on the trail of said dinosaur. Hopefully, Chaotix's insurance covered "damage by dinosaur".

As a note, although the Mudds are from a planet where regions are commonly known, Harold talks like an English Northener, omitting the word "to" in the phrase "going down the pub", and uses the term "dinner-time", where elsewhere it is often known as "lunch".

In Sonic the Comic Online, it is almost certain that the Mudds perished along with the rest of the dimension, thanks to machinations of Doctor Zachary and Shadow the Hedgehog.



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