Megadroid i

Megadroid gives us the guided tour. Art by Nigel Kitching.

s a complete story in Issue 41 of Sonic the Comic, starring the titular character. It is one of two stories that bump up the number of strips in this issue to 6.



In a 4th-wall breaking story, Megadroid takes Boomers on a tour of the fictional STC offices. Many of the rooms of the buildings represent real Zones in the print version of Sonic the Comic; the Control Zone is where Megadroid keeps an eye on the Humes-Who-Think-They're-In-Charge, whilst the Review Zone is actually a sophisticated self-reviewing device. Suspicious about the quiet, Megadroid takes a trip to the News Zone where he gets swamped by news reports (one of them being that Porker Lewis ate someone's vegetarian sausages).

The next stop is the Q Zone, where Megadroid "Qs" (queues) for his food (a plate of "micro-chips" and oil). In the "Art Zone" (a typical office), Megadroid sees an unfinished piece of artwork by Nigel Kitching, then tries his hand at drawing Sonic himself on a "Sketch-A-Graph" (related to the real "Etch-a-Sketch"). Megadroid opens up the Reference Cupboard and gets 'attacked' by a load of falling STC references. He finally meanders towards the Speedlines room to read his fan mail, only to find an overdue library bill. The only one left in the STC building, Megadroid wishes everyone a merry Christmas.


  • This is a rare occasion in which artist Carl Flint provided a script.
  • There are subtle signs in the building that the staff have just had their Christmas party, particularly the discarded party hats and streamers.
  • Nigel Kitching revealed in the Message Zone that there is no 'STC HQ', but that writers and artists worked from home and sent their work in to the publishers.
  • Although this was Megadroid's first solo story, he appeared as his editor character in the first two Decap Attack stories.


This was the first Megadroid story. The next is Megadroid on the Move.

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