Megatox is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 10 of Sonic the Comic.



In the days of RBR, the Chemical Plant Zone is the main source of slavery and pollution on Mobius. Today, citizen Bob Beaky is reporting for duty and the Troopers are confused why Beaky's acting so cheerfully. The man appears to be a Doctor Robotnik supporter, but things change when he sees the horrific sight of Troopers abusing the Emerald Hill folk. "Beaky" reveals himself to be Sonic and charges at a Trooper before he can attack a worker. Sonic trashes all but one, who hits Sonic with an electric whip. The hedgehog returns the favour, although at first he seems to have missed. With all the Troopers destroyed, Sonic leads them all the innocents into a tunnel, since the main gates are guarded by Badnik patrols. Some of them aren't convinced, with tales that the tunnel leads to a dead end and is haunted! A more pressing issue is a Grabber that captures one of the people. Sonic easily destroys it and frees the prisoner that had been there for ages.

Soon after, Sonic is attacked from behind by a creature in the Mega Mack chemicals. The monster reveals himself to be Megatox, once a great, but evil, scientist who created the purple chemical. Somehow, the chamber in which he was working was accidentally flooded with Mega Mack and he became Megatox. Sonic's heard enough, but can't seem to do direct damage to the liquid monster. Megatox, on the other hand, can hurt Sonic by shooting Mega Mack in his face. With Sonic gradually drowning in the muck, he realises he needs to do something and creates a vortex that rips Megatox to pieces. Unfortunately, Megatox simply splits into five copies. Sonic's next plan is to dig a tunnel that leads outside. Back in the room, Sonic creates a propeller that sucks Megatox through the hole and across the countryside outside. With the day saved, everyone can return home.


  • This is the first appearance of Bob Beaky, the Chemical Plant Zone and Grabber Badniks.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Back to Reality. The next is Time Racer.

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