A gigantic robot dinosaur created by Doctor Robotnik. The Mekanik originally appeared in Issues 57 and 58 in the two-part story, The Rampage of Mekanik.

The Mekanik is several dozen feet tall with a green-coloured chassis. Its body is heavily armoured (possibly lined with Megatal) and can withstand any attack. It attacks using its sheer size to devastate its surroundings, causing tremors with each step it takes and swinging its tail to demolish buildings. It can also incinerate targets with its fire breath.

Mekanik's only weakness seems to be its interior. There are small gaps between its armour plates that can be damaged, but it requires concentrated firepower to penetrate them. This small weak point was enough for Sonic and Shortfuse to take advantage of: Shortfuse concentrated his laser fire on Mekanik's leg, weakening the metal and allowing Sonic to break it with his Super Spin Attack. This hole gave Sonic access to Mekanik's inner workings, and he used his super speed to cause tremendous vibrations inside the robot's body, literally shaking it apart.

Mekanik has since reappeared in Sonic the Comic Online twice. The first time, it was among several of Sonic's old enemies accidentally recreated by amateur witch, Violet. On this occasion, Mekanik was put out of action by Agiatha Witchbrew, who reversed the spell, disposing of all assembled villains. A new Mekanik later appeared as part of the New Robotnik Empire's invasion force. On this occasion, it was easily defeated by Sonic, who sliced through It's neck with one Super Spin, Implying either Sonic has become much stronger, or this Mekanik was weaker.

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