Metamorphia i

Sonic is about to make a new enemy. Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns.

s a complete story from Issue 30 of Sonic The Comic starring Sonic the Hedgehog.  It is the debut of recuring villain Metamorphia.



Once again, the Emerald Hill folk are saved by the Freedom Fighters, striking another blow for freedom. Amy Rose tries once more to get Sonic the Hedgehog to go out with her, but Sonic's attention is diverted by a young bear girl, who tells Sonic that her Zone has been invaded by a monster. Sonic is keen to help the woman and save her Zone, but Amy pulls him to one side, confessing her worries about this girl. Tails is also concerned, but Sonic laughs off the "jealousy" and heads off to the Grim Zone, a gloomy city on the edge of the Emerald Hill Zone.

Before Sonic can wonder too much about why a "nice girl" is living in such a place, the pair are attacked by Trooper soldiers, but Sonic defeats them with no trouble. However, the danger isn't over as the girl transforms into a monster known as Metamorphia! Faced with a shapeshifter in her own home, Sonic is quickly knocked out by Metamorphia's gaseous form. When the hedgehog wakes up, he is inside a Retro Block, a prison that reverses the actions and thoughts of the prisoner. Sonic attempts to break out, but upon learning of his cage's true powers, he decides to enjoy his new home and things positive thoughts to break open the walls.

Metamorphia still isn't beaten, turning into a rocket that propels her to the other side of the Zone. Sonic chases, following the vapour-trail from the rocket. Unsure of what Metamorphia has changed into, Sonic soon notices that Tails has followed Sonic to the Grim Zone. Slightly nastily, Tails greets Sonic and informs him that a shape-changing creature has turned from a rocket into a thistle, perched on a cliff over an inferno. Sonic looks but sees no sign of a thistle. However, "Tails" urges Sonic to take a closer look, launching a flying kick at him. Knowing better, Sonic jumps over the oncoming villain, sure that Tails would never be that impudent towards his hero. The exposed Metamorphia discovers that her tails aren't making her fly and finds herself plummeting towards the fire. Back home, Sonic jokes about his encounter to Amy, but Metamorphia is not defeated, merely emerging after assuming a fireproof form in the nick of time.


  • The story is one with a few firsts - not only is it Metamorphia's first appearance, but also the first script from Lew Stringer, who would stay with the comic until Issue 174. The Grim Zone would also return some time later.
  • "Badniks" is misspelled "Badnik's".
  • Inside the Retro Block, Sonic is seen rushing towards a wall with a window. In the next panel, the window has gone.
  • Metamorphia states that any force used will be reversed. Speaking isn't exactly a force.
  • Metamorphia's "Tails" form did not grant her the ability to fly. However, on turning into Sonic in the very next story, Metamorphia was able to run as fast as her foe.


This story was reprinted in Issue 158.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Sentinel. The next is The Pretender.

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