Art by Richard Elson

Metropolis East Leisure Centre was a building in the Metropolis Zone dedicated to fun and exercise. It was presumably a swimming pool first and foremost, probably filled with other activities for children and adults alike. At some point before 1996 (possibly even as early as Doctor Robotnik's takeover of Mobius), the leisure centre was shut down and was earmarked for demolition. Even so, resident Smokey and his Roller Badnik friend often came to the derelict building to have fun and enjoy their time together. Before this, Smokey regularly visited on a Saturday to go swimming. However, Sonic the Hedgehog was tipped-off about a rogue Badnik and visited the centre to dispose of it.

The name of the location suggests that there is a region called Metropolis East. Someone called "Craggsy" had once been there and graffitied on the walls.


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