Micromax is a form taken by Casey in his first visit to Wildside in Kid Chameleon. Resembling a human-fly hybrid, his small size is useful for getting through tight spaces, and he can easily defend himself with a laser-based stinger emitted from his antennae, though he does have a speech impediment, causing him to make buzzing sounds when saying certain words.

Micromax first appeared when Casey, as Eyeclops, couldn't pursue the Sewer Men who had kidnapped Suzi past a dead end. Having transformed, Micromax flitted through the cracks in the wall easily, and quickly rescued Suzi, but soon found himself in the Sewer Mens' grasp. Unable to fend them off in his current state, Casey tried switching back to Eyeclops, but unable to control his transformations found himself turning into Bezerker.

Micromax's face was later seen again in flashback at the end of the story, among the other forms Casey took.

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