Art by Jon Haward

Mitchell Middleton Knight (commonly referred to as Midknight) is one of the Eternal Champions and fights to save the world along with his eight comrades.

Previous Life and Death

Born in 1967 to no money, Knight worked at his family's sophisticated DNA labs. Obsessed with the idea of preserving youth, he eventually created a serum that allowed humans to live for hundreds of years. He needed the government to approve his invention for public use but the government only wanted to use it as a chemical weapon. Knight fled with his serum but was caught and injected with a version of it, only for him to turn into a vampire-like creature. He escaped to England and assumed the name Midknight, living in London for 130 years. He longed to find a cure for both him and the millions contaminated during a 'Third World War', something he finally achieved. In 2101, before he could put the finishing touches to an antidote, a goverment official found him and stabbed him with a magnesium stake.

Eternal Champions

Midknight was among nine warriors summoned by The Eternal Champion to save the world, despite Midknight not previously being a man of combat. While training in the Battle Room, the vampire took offence to Larcen Tyler's humour about dying and lamented his urge to kill and drink blood. Fortunately, Midknight calmed down enough to come up with a plan with Shadow Yamoto and Larcen, one that wouldn't see eight of them doomed to die again. Despite an intervention by an impatient Trident, Midknight helped the Atlantean understand the technology in the room.

The next day, Midknight wins his battle against Jetta Maxx, her phase speed proving no match for Midknight's powerful kicks. Instead, his reward was to live another day and watch the fallen champions die. On the eve of the final battles, Midknight reaffirms that they need to defeat Trident and convince The Eternal Champion that they must stay together. After Shadow's battle with Trident, the assassin refuses to fight on and Larcen confronts their leader, but Midknight is distracted by the blood that leaks from Trident's mouth. The bloodlust consumes him and he begins his fight with Larcen, overpowering him with his vampire powers. The vampire goes out of control and The Eternal Champion steps in to send Larcen to his death.

The final battle begins, with Midknight pitted against a reluctant Yamoto. The battle is silent and fierce, yet Midknight's vampire rage overcomes Shadow's ninja honour. However, Midknight refuses to kill her and the two are chosen together to lead the Eternal Champions to a new destiny.

Despite his victory, Midknight remained a background warrior in the coming fights. In The Cyberdome, Midknight is defeated by Xavier Pendragon.

Special Moves

Being part vampire, Midknight has supernatural moves others can only dream of. His most powerful is to drain enemies of their life force, leaving them weakened. He can also bedazzle the foe and dispel any shields they may have created. Other attacks include the "ceiling ram", a "mist attack", "flying wall smash" and an "overhead stomach punch".


Midknight was an biochemist and was dedicated to end the suffering of those inflicted with the same curse as him. For 130 years he attempted to find an antidote and refused to drink human blood in that time, letting his body rot away with age. Nevertheless, he loves the taste of blood and will acquire it if he can avoid harming people. Sometimes he loses control, his fangs sharpen and eyes redden. Xavier is the only Champion that Midknight regularly talks to, the pair combining science and magic on several projects.

Being a vampire, Midknight hates sunlight and will avoid it if possible. Similarly, he hates garlic and can't stand being around crosses, although the last is merely psychological. Ever since his death by magnesium stake, the biochemist has refused to work with magnesium ever again. The rotting, decomposing flesh on Midknight's body makes everyone else avoid him, but this suits Midknight just fine.

Midknight's fighting style is Aikido. He never blinks.


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