Art by Nigel Dobbyn

Mind Link is one of the abilities attributed to Pyjamas, friend of Ebony. The Mind Link is a psychic connection between Pyjamas and her subject, allowing her to delve deep into their mind and unlock secrets.

Pyjamas first used the Mind Link to enter the mind of Super Sonic, hoping to unlock his memories and remember who he is. She is successful, but her insight into Super's mind is a horrific one, seeing the demonic Super looking at her from all directions. Super Sonic is her target the second time when the hedgehog becomes evil once more. Ebony placed the Globe of Enrokk spell to make Super think he was destroying Mobius, when it was actually in his mind. With the spell waning, Pyjamas performed the Mind Link to wipe all memory of turning evil from Super's mind. The spell finally vanishing, Super had no recollection of recent events.


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