Sonic and Johnny are "captured"

Mission to the Metropolis Zone was a complete story published in Issue 74 of Sonic the Comic. It indirectly references the machinations of Commander Brutus but is otherwise an unconnected oneshot.



Sonic, Johnny Lightfoot and Amy Rose are infiltrating the heart of Robotnik's evil empire - the Metropolis Zone. It may be especially dangerous conducting operations in the very shadow of Citadel Robotnik, but the Freedom Fighters have chosen to take advantage of Commander Brutus absenting himself, with the resulting compromisation of Robotnik's manpower making moving about easier.

However,  the three heroes are rapidly spotted by an aerial Badnik patrol. Sonic, eager for a workout, immediately gets stuck in, however, both he and Johhny are overpowered when a squad of Trooper Badniks arrive as reinforcements; both urge Amy to flee as metal hands clamp down on their limbs, and she does so reluctantly.


Is this the end for our brave heroes? ...Is it ever?

Back in Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik is still fuming over Brutus' disappearance.  Grimer attempts to console him with the presentation of a rather more delightful sight- a captive Sonic! An overjoyed Robotnik gloats widely as Sonic and Johnny are brought in by the Troopers, but his capering celebrations are cut short by the blaring of an intruder alarm. Everything is revealed to be part of a plan- Sonic and Johnny deliberately allowed themselves to be captured, so that while Robotnik's forces were busy dealing with them, Amy could infiltrate the building undetected.  Amy is currently rooting through the Citadel's computer archives, gathering information on Robotnik's new weapons systems and preparing to delete them to undo all of his research into them.

Sonic and Johnny easily break free of the Troopers' grip and trash Robotnik's guards, but at the same time Amy is captured by another Trooper, yanking her hand away from the 'DELETE' key. Robotnik tries to prevent Sonic and Johnny from escaping by activating a laser shield across the doors of his office, but Sonic breaks through a ventilation shaft instead to make good his escape.

As she struggles in the Trooper's grip, Amy manages to wrest control of her crossbow back and fires a shot. The Troopers are relieved that she misses them, but Amy was never aiming for them in the first place, instead successfully destroying the computer on which the weapons information is stored!  At that point, Sonic and Johnny arrive, free Amy, and the trio take their leave, happy to have given Robotnik a poke in the eye and make things just that bit more irritating for him.


  • One of Sonic's pieces of dialogue is apparently addressed to Robotnik and was seemingly mistakenly given a dashed outline, usually reserved for when characters are whispering.


This story was reprinted in Issue 195.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Spinball Wizard. The following story was Smokey and the Badnik.

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