Mister Shifter is a shapechanging villain who operates in the Special Zone. Hailing from the Black Zone, he is immensely proud of the abilities his Radioactive Meta-Clay body offers, enabling him to alter its consistency to that of concrete, or soft enough for him to avoid being injured. When his body is in the right state, he can also stretch considerable distances without being hurt. When he's not fighting, he seems to travel incognito, wearing a trenchcoat and fedora.

Mister Shifter made his only appearance in Sonic the Comic in a story bearing his name. He was in the process of presumably mugging a young woman and leaving her for dead. He would have got away with it if Sonic the Hedgehog hadn't turned up and caught his bullet. He toyed with Sonic for a while, until the hedgehog left a rather striking mark in his face. Infuriated at how Sonic had interfered with his business, he held the hedgehog in place and began to mercilessly pummel him. Unfortunately for Shifter, Sonic grabbed his arm, and whirled him round at sonic speed until, feeling ill, he let go. Sonic then proceeded to treat Shifter like a giant lump of plasticine, twisting and stretching him all over the alleyway. Shifter was then released from Sonic's grip when the hedgehog became distracted. What happened to him after this encounter is unknown.