Mister Shifter is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which first appeared in Issue 87 of Sonic the Comic.



With Super Sonic sealed inside the Omni Viewer, and no Star Posts available, Sonic is trapped in the Special Zone. As he contemplates his situation and hopes his fellow Freedom Fighters are okay from a rooftop in New Tek City on Planet Meridian, his thoughts are interrupted when he hears a scream. Sonic sprints down the building, is noticed by a young boy (whose mother doesn't believe what he's seen, asking if Mister Hefty is still following him), and comes across a young woman being held at gunpoint by a shady character. Sonic catches the bullet, and offers the gunman a demonstration of his abilities. The gunman whips off his hat and trenchcoat, proclaiming himself as Mister Shifter.
They begin to fight, Shifter bragging about the abilities his Radioactive Meta-Clay body offers. Sonic lands a hit on Shifter, but he is unhurt, and Sonic finds himself stuck in a puddle Shifter has created. With Sonic stuck, Mister Shifter begins to relentlessly pummel the hedgehog. Sonic only manages to free himself by grabbing one of Shifter's arms and whirling him around at sonic speed. With Shifter disorientated, Sonic ties part of his body to a lamppost and remembers what he used to do when he used to play with plasticine: see how far he could stretch it before it broke. To Shifter's horror, Sonic grabs hold of his head and starts racing around the alley, stretching the shapeshifter's body all over the place. Sonic suddenly lets go of Shifter, sending him flying, upon noticing that the girl he saved has left. Back on Mobius, in Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik's spy, Agent X19 has returned from the Special Zone. X19, the girl Sonic saved from Mister Shifter, reports that the Special Zone forces are too powerful for Robotnik to deal with for now, but he'll never guess who she bumped into in New Tek City....


  • Mister Shifter, when Sonic's fist leaves an imprint on his face, has a resemblance to the T-1000 Terminator when he has been shot.


This story was reprinted in Issue 208.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Heroes and Villains. The next story was The Ultimate Nightmare.

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